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  • Najim Nawabi is an afghan music artist born in Kunduz Afghanistan. At a very young age, his father Sultan Mahmood Khan Nawabi acknowledged his son's innate musical gift and decided to help Najib Nawabi learn the fundamentals of music from the grandmaster's of Afghan ghazal and raag such as Ustaad Sarahang, Ustaad Nabi Gul, Ustaad Shaida and Ustaad Ghafoor Hashimi.

    While young kids his age would fly kites and play outside, Najim Nawabi greatly enjoyed the opportunity his father presented him and persued music with utmost diligence and passion. In 1980's when artists from across the country flocked Afghan Television and Afghanistan Radio to have their music played on air, Najim Nawabi was invited to perform. His talent, his voice and his style was so unique that public would call radio and tv stations to have Najim Nawabi's music on air.

    With deteriorating Afghan political and security scene, Najim Nawabi sought refuge in Pakistan and later in Fremont, California. Although his mentorship was in classical afghan music, he soon was able to transform himself to better adapt with the taste and style of afghan diaspora in the west. He started singing pop culture music which was embrassed with the same enthusiasm as was his classical style back in Afghanistan.

    While in Fremont, California, Najim Nawabi met Ustad Ajoy Chakrabaty and that give him an opportunity to sing in Hindi and Urdu as well.

    To his list of accomplishments, Najim Nawabi has won several coveted national and international music awards and has been able to record sensational musical hits in languages such as farsi, pashto, urdu, hindi, tajiki and uzbaki.

    Amongst Afghans Najim Nawabi holds a special place. His song 'Bia ke Kabul Jan Borawiem' (Lets go to dear kabul), was a sensational hit of 2008. From there, with collaboration with several other singes such as Shabnam Suraya, Khaled Kayhan, Joni Bek and others, Najim Nawabi has re-defined the genre of pop in the Afghan music industry. Just as his innovative and skilled styles in Ghazal, he has undoubtly established a unique pop style of his, which is adored and admired to the full extend.

    Many of the Afghans wish to have Najim Nawabi in their weddings. Infact, being able to accomodate Najim Nawabi's daunting schedule to perform in Afghan weddings and functions is more laborious than the wedding preparations itself.

    Regarding the love life of Najim Nawabi, currently the rumor (and YES rumor) is that Najim Nawabi is dating Naghma and Mangal's daughter. These are unconfirmed reports circulating within the Afghan community.

  • Members of the Afghan Community and the team would appreciate it if you coud assist us with Najim biography. Please email [email protected] with updates on Najim. Tashakor !

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