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  • In late 1990's Habib Qaderi released his music album to the diaspora of Afghan population in the west. His album, titled Aros-i Gulha was an instant platinum hit amonst Afghans and the music of which blarred in every Afghan household. Aros-i Gulha made Habib Qaderi an instant hit amongst the young Afghan populace. After a decade of singing, Habib Qaderi is still considered a sensational Afghan music star and every year releases musical superhits that caters to all ages and genders.

    Habib Qaderi's elegance, charm and musical prowess have made him be quite popular with the female fan base. Infact it was rumored that Habib Qaderi was dating the previously unknown afghan music personality - Muzhdah Jamalzadeh. It was indeed a rumor and they still maintain a professional and friendly relationship. Infact Mozhdah has acknowledged a few times that she was pursuaded and encouraged by Habib Qaderi to pursue music and the rumors were absolutely baseless.

    Habib Qaderi currently lives in a beautiful home in California. The man whose loved by millions of Afghans worldwide maintains a humble lifestyle and was last seen touring north america with the new afghan star, Aryana Sayeed.

    It is often said that Habib's ability to sing with utmost ease and in any genre comes from his early training in music from various grandmasters of Kharabat and Indian classical singers.

    AfghanBuzz wishes Habib Qaderi the best and hopes for many more decades of beautiful songs and albums.

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